Infrastructure Engineer

Cooperative Resources International is seeking an Infrastructure
Engineer to manage technical projects related to corporate information technology infrastructure including servers, data storage, databases, network systems, and security within CRI and its subsidiaries. This individual will also be responsible for the management, monitoring, and optimization of CRI and subsidiary database performance, security access levels, and backup and recovery procedures to ensure efficiency and integrity of data.
Major Areas of Responsibility
assist the Director of IT Infrastructure in providing technical guidance and direction to CRI and its subsidiaries on infrastructure related projects and activities
Lead planning and implementation of assigned technical projects
Manage the coordination of IT personnel, as well as resources from other divisions to complete IT projects effectively and efficiently
Perform management and administration of databases
Aid and assist in the management of telecommunications and data contracts
Assist in the evaluation and integration of new technologies
Establish and maintain architectural and procedural documentation on CRI infrastructure and related systems
Bachelor's degree in IT or related field with 3+ years experience with server, storage and networking
Experience in database server administration
Must have project management skills
Be a leader, communicate effectively, and possess organizational skills
If interested apply on line to www.crinet.com/careers

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